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The holistic Prevention, Management and Treatment of Dementia - Common antioxidants (scavengers) Bilirubin

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Dementia is defined as neuro degeneration syndrome among elder, affecting memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculation, learning capacity, language, and judgement over 47 millions
of worldwide population, mostly in the West. The evaluation of the syndrome by holistic medicine has been lacking, especially through conventional medicine research and studies.

           Common antioxidants (scavengers) Bilirubin

The expression of added to a mixture in order to remove or de-activate impurities and unwanted oxygen in the cellular level for reduced risk of oxidative stress defence in plants and animals.

1. Bilirubin
Bilirubin is a prosthetic group with a unique function in breaking down molecules into smaller units for releasing energy, excreted in bile and urine(263). As a cellular antioxidant, it protected against diseases associated with oxidative stress, through mildly elevated serum bilirubin levels and activation of heme oxygenase(264) and reverted to biliverdin, a green tetrapyrrolic bile pigment, through antioxidant redox cycle in inhibition of the effects of mutagens when oxidized(265). A significant reduction of levels ofbilirubin, has shown to associate to patients with Alzheimer's disease(AD)(266).

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