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Women Health and Hormone Testosterone

Testosterone is a male steroid hormone that helps the men to build a bigger, stronger and better performing muscle. Women body produce a small quantity secreted by ovaries of females and the adrenal glands.

The role of testosterone and menstrual condition
In general, testosterone is important for for women to protect bones, muscles and tissues, prevent osteoporosis, promote sexual desire and enhance regular menstruation.

How levels of testosterone affects the women menstrual condition
1. Elevation of levels of testosterone due to polycystic ovarian syndrome
According to the the study of Does testosterone affect the normal menstrual cycle? Dewis P, Newman M, Ratcliffe WA, Anderson DC., researchers found that The lack of significant effect of a markedly elevated serum testosterone level on cyclical hormone changes is indirect evidence that in PCO the primary cause of the menstrual disturbance is not excessive production of ovarian or adrenal testosterone.
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2. Prepubertal hypertrichosis
According to Gryngarten M, Bedecarras P, Ayuso S, Bergada C, Campo S, Escobar ME. Clinical assessment and serum hormonal prof íle in prepubertal hypertrichosis. Horm Res. 2000;54(1):20-5, researchers found that although most of the girls with prepubertal hypertrichosis showed an increased androgen bio-availability, a slight increase in peripheral 5alpha-reductase activity and a completely normal androgen profile was also associated with a pathological hair growth.

3. Menopause
Surprisingly, testosterone tends to decrease in women with age. According to the article of Female androgen deficiency by Helena Proni Fonseca, Alessandro Scapinelli, Tsutomu Aoki, José Mendes Aldrighi, researchers indicated that Menopausal women with androgen deficiency syndrome are one of the most important applications for androgen therapy because the treatment improves quality of life. Physicians who judge the treatment to be necessary should inform their patients about possible risks and adverse effects and the efficacy of treatment. When prescribing, care must be taken with the dosage, route of administration and length of treatment and lipids should be controlled rigorously and breasts and liver must be monitored.

4. Mood disorder
In some study, researchers found that Mood disorder has been associated with hypogonadism and low testosterone levels. In a study of The impact of testosterone imbalance on depression and women's health, by Rohr UD., researcher found that Testosterone delivery systems are needed where beneficial and negative effects can be balanced. Any woman diagnosed for osteoporosis should be questioned for symptoms of depression.

5. Infertility
Imbalance of testosterone hormone will cause infertility in women as result of lack of sexual desire (low levelsa of testosterone) or suppressing the ovulation phrase of menstrual cycle ( higher than normal of levels of testosterone.

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