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Tips To Reactivate Your Twitter Following Button If You Reach 2001 With Not Enough Followers

There were numbers of occasion that I have seen some inactive twitter accounts after reaching 2001 following with not enough followers. I believe the owners of such account have abandoned them by opening another account or quitting twitter all together. In fact, I faced the same problem when I reached 2001 following when I first started with twitter but I manage to solve it easily. I will share my experience with you, so all of us can enjoy the benefits that twitter provides.
If you reach 2001 with not enough followers (The terms and condition of twitter's policy allow any new opened account for the privilege of following 2000 following, but if you do them at once, you may risk to have your account suspense because of suspected activities. The best way to do it is to follow few hundred people each day), here are some possibilities

A. Abandon your account and quit twitter all together or open a new account
If you quit twitter than there is nothing to say, but if you try to open a new account, you will face the same problems again when you reach 2001 following with not enough followers.

B. Waiting for following to follow you back
This can not solve any problem. Since your following have not followed you after 7 days, they are unlikely to follow you back. There is always a possibility that you have accumulated a sizeable number of inactive accounts. Most twitterers check their account sometime, if they find out that you account has reached 2001 and have no intention to fix it, they will unfollow you. At the end, you will be losing some followers instead of gaining.

C. Use automate tweeting
There are numbers of paid automated tweeting service around, some of them are said very good but some just try to make some money from you. If you choose this route, please select your host carefully because as soon as you sign up, you have given your authorization to someone else to manage your account. If they don't do it properly, your account may be suspended. You also make sure that your host can adapt promptly to the change of the term and condition of twitter's policy quickly.

D. How to reactivate you following button
1. Go to Tweet Karma
By entering your username and password, Tweet Karma will provide you with all information of your account including followers and following
2. Click the following button
All people who have not followed you now appear on the screen, you can try to unfollow some or all of them. Although the bulk unfollowed button has been gone since Jan. 15 - 2010, you can follow any unfollower who is unlikely to follow you back manually. I just discovered this morning that Tweet Karma has installed a unfollowed button underneath the picture and name of each twitter, you can unfollow any unfollower by clicking the button.
In this state, in order to retivate you account, you should unfollow who has not follow you as many as you can, unless you find some accounts which you would like to retain.
3. After you have unfollowed some unfollowers
You now have more spaces to follow some people again. Please chose you following carefully, you don't to follow those people who you just unfollowed a few minutes ago and you don't want to come back to do this step all over again.

Finally, I urge you to read the terms of service of twitter's policy at
and the rule of unfollowing carefully. Remember, there are also some limitations that prevent twitters' spamming that you should read too.

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