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Thyroid disease: Thyroid adenoma Treatments In traditional Chinese medicine perspective

Thyroid is one of the largest endocrine glands found in the neck, below the Adam’s Apple with the function of regulating the body use of energy, make of proteins by producing its hormones as a result of the stimulation of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) produced by the anterior pituitary.
Thyroid disease is defined as a condition of malfunction of thyroid.
Thyroid adenoma is a benign tumor started in the layer of cell lined the inner surface of the thyroid gland. The disease are relatively common among adults living in the United States. According to the study by the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation, there is a report of 4 patients described in whom a follicular carcinoma developed following thyroidectomy for a benign follicular neoplasm. Most thyroid nodules are Thyroid adenoma.
F. Treatments
F.1. In traditional Chinese medicine perspective
1. Ruanjian Xiaoying Decoction
In the study to evaluate the clinical outcome of Ruanjian Xiaoying Decoction (RJXYD) on chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, conducted by the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, showed that the RJXYD can shrink and soften the enlarged thyroid gland and thyroid nodules, improve the immune function of human(47).
2. According to TCM assistant
a. In case of thyroid nodules as a result of Qi and Blood Deficiency
Xiang Bei Yang Rong Tang with function to tonifiy Qi, regulates the Qi nourishes Blood and transforms Phlegm.
b. In case of thyroid nodules as a result of stagnation of Dampness, phlegm, Qi, and Blood in the area between the skin and flesh on the neck.
Hai Zao Yu Hu Tang with function to transform Phlegm, softens what is hard, reduce thyroid nodules; Eliminates thyroid nodules.
c. In case of Goiter or thyroid nodules due to a lack of iodine or Phlegm accumulation
Hai Zao Wan with function to eliminate thyroid nodules and releases the tension(48).
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