Friday, 22 November 2013

Raw Food Diet - The Weight Loss Program For Overweight Americans

If you are overweight American and try to lose weight, I believe you know what is raw food diet and how it can help. Today, you are introduced to the other view point - how you can get rid of your extra weight once and for all in a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Traditional Chinese medicine has never endorsed raw food diet for weight loss because of its yin, cool and damp nature. Prolonged periods of intake of raw food can damage the function of the stomach in food digestion and spleen in qi and fluid distribution and transformation.
Most overweight Americans have eaten too much fried and greasy foods which are considered hot, damp and excessive yang in nature. They heat up the stomach and speed up digestion, thereby inducing hunger. If you are young and energetic, the excessive energy can be removed from your body through sweat and urinary excretion, but unfortunately many overweight people are lack of exercise, leading to fat accumulated in the body's organs and tissues.
Traditional Chinese medicine views overweight as a problem of spleen deficiency, due to the stomach's inability to digest foods properly and the accumulation of turbid cannot be secreted quickly, caused by an overheating stomach as a result of intake of hot, damp, and yang foods.
When food enters the stomach, it is divided into 2 parts. The food qi is absorbed by the spleen immediately, and the food material is digested and divided into fluid essences and turbid. Fluid essences are once again absorbed by the spleen and the turbid is secreted through the bladder and large intestine. Overintake of hot, excessive yang and damp foods for a prolonged period of time causes abnormal functioning of the spleen in qi and fluid distribution and transformation, resulting in extra energy and dampness building up in the body, leading to heat transforming the dampness into phlegm (fat).
Raw food diet is a yin pathogen and is cool in nature. As it enters the stomach, it reduces the heat in the stomach that slows down the digestive process and curves appetite, thus giving the spleen time to eliminate the extra energy and fluid slowly, resulting in restoring the spleen function in fluid and qi distribution. This process takes a while, but it works. If the accumulated dampness is gone, slowly all of the phlegm will be secreted through the bladder and large intestine, and you will finally achieve your weight loss once and for all and return to the range of normal weight according to the BMI index.
Remember as soon as your weight returns back to normal, it is the best time to reduce the intake of raw foods by replacing some of them with cooked foods to prevent opposite effects.

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