Monday, 18 November 2013

Peri-Menopause - The Causes

Peri-Menopause is defined as a condition in which women are experience the irregular menstrual cycle due to the hormonal decline gradually, including shorter, longer, heavy, light period and some menopause symptoms. Perimenopause, in fact is a transition stage to menopause, and the length of this transition can be 3-10 years or longer. Once you have no menstrual period in 12 consecutive months, you have officially entered 12 months of menopause already.
Perimenopause is a natural and biological process as a result of aging. In tradition Chinese medicine, the transition of the women menstrual conditions from the years of active reproduction to perimenopause is necessary to slows down the aging process by retaining the body’s kidney energy, to avoid the depletion of the women kidney essence that can lead to death.

1. High levels of follicle stimulating hormone FSH
When a woman enters the stage of peri menopause, the levels of FSH start to rise as a result of irregular response of ovaries in hormone estrogen production.

2. Certain medical diseases
Premature ovaries failure can lead to fast approaching of perimenpause to menopause.

3. Smoking
According to the article of Smoking May Cause Early Menopause posted in Ygoy, the author indicated that Dr. Thea F. Mikkelsen of the University of Oslo and her colleagues have done the research study among a group of 2,123 women 59 to 60 years old. They came up with these findings. The women who smoke were 59% more likely to have undergone early menopause than non-smokers. In case of the women who smoke heavily the risk of early menopause was nearly doubled.

4. Family history
Risk of early peri menopause increased if a woman has a family history of early perimenopause.

5. Chemo and radio therapy in childhood
Chemo and radio therapy in the childhood for cancer treatment are higher risk of early peri menoipause. In the article of " Long-Term Side Effects of Chemotherapy" post on Susan G. Komen for the cure, the author indicated that Some chemotherapy drugs can damage the ovaries and stop regular menstrual cycles .

5. Hysterectomy 
Removals of uterus can cause perimenopause to start early.

6. Etc.

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