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Overcome Infertility --Understand Female Biological Clock

Infertility is defined as inability of a couple to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse. It effects over 5 millions couple alone in the U. S. and many times more in the world. Because of unawareness of treatments, only 10% seeks help from professional specialist.

Here are some important statistics
A. Fertility rate : Out of one hundred healthy couple
1) Only 25% of unprotected sexual intercourse achieve pregnancy during first menstrual cycle
2) There are 20% more for each month after ward ( from the 2nd- 11th month )
3) At the 12 months, the rate of conception decreases to 8%

For those couple can not conceive after the 12th months, they are considered as infertility couple.

B. Women are born with finite number of eggs, some women have more, some are less, every month during menstrual cycle approximate thousand of eggs are mature and only one can have the chance to be fertilized by there partner 's sperm.

1) Eggs and Age

Eggs in the ovaries decreases with increasing of age

Assuming there are 150,000 follicle in the ovaries

a) Between the age of 18 - 30 around 120,000 left and this the time of optimal fertility
b) Between the age of 31-37 around 100,000 left and the fertility rate is on the downward trend
c) Between the age 38- 41 around 50,000 left and the infertility rate increases at the fastest rate.
d) Between the age 41- 45 around 10,000 left and you reach the end of fertile.

2). Infertility risk and age
a) In the late of 20 and early 30, 84 % are fertile and only 16 are infertile
b) In the mid 30 - 39 , 75 % are fertile and only 25% are infertile
c) By age 40 the 50% are fertile and 50% are infertile

Assuming the couple are healthy. Remember the older you age, the risk of reproductive organ malfunction also increase including endometriosis and fibroid.

C. Some unfertilized women and men sometimes ago are fertilizing, because of what ever reasons.

Here are most common reasons

1. Persuade a personal career
2. Try to be financial stability before having children
3. Too young to be a parent, raising a child needs efforts, time and money.
4. Enjoy the couple childless years before committing
5. Etc.

Most of women delay to conceive by taking contraceptive pill or condom or other methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Unfortunately, by the time they think that they are ready to have children, they are in their mid thirty, their period now becomes irregular ( may be caused by withdrawal symptoms from years of taking contraceptive pill ) and the risk of infertility is high according to the statistics.

Since our body need at least six months to adjust to the effects of withdrawal medicine, some women may take longer and some may never see their period coming back again. Statistic show that if a couple decide to have children and not conceive within 12 months, it may cause unnecessary stress which may make conception even more difficult. Therefore, planning yourself and if you want to have children, have it as early as possible. Otherwise, please consult with your doctor and aware that there are many type of treatment in case you are infertility.

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