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Overcome Infertility - Treatments of Kidney Yang Deficiency Cause of Low BBT in Yin Phase of Menstrual Cycle

Since the balance of kidney yin and kidney yang is important in maintaining the kidney function in qi and fluid distribution, if it' function is disrupted, pathological changes take place and illness occurs. Kidney yang deficiency in traditional Chinese medicine, is defined as condition of deficiency of vital yang energy due to intake of cool and cold or/ and working in cold environment for a prolonged period of time.
Since the yin phrase is dominated by yin with subordinated yang, deficiency of yang may increase the risk of fluid accumulation and lower body temperature thus decreasing BBT temperature in this phase
I. Symptoms
1. Cold limbs
2. Pale tongue with white coating, pallor, soreness and
3. Weakness
4. Tiredness
5. Dizziness
6. Impotence,
7. Infertility
8. Prolonged yin phase or a
9. Low BBT temperatures
10. Etc.

II. Causes
1. Colding effect
Working in a cold environment or/ and eating cool and cold foods for a prolonged period of time will cause depletion of yang qi in the body as a result of yang qi constantly needed to counter the effect of cold in or/and outside the body, leading to kidney yang deficiency.
2. Life style
Some people does not like to dress warm in the cold weather, exposed themselves in the cold winter will cause the depletion of yang in the body.
3. Excessive exercise
Exercise is yang in nature, moderate exercise helps to increase blood flow and distribute yang to the entire body, but rigid exercise causes over consumption of yang qi, leading to kidney yang deficiency.
4. Frequently sexual activity
Kidney Jing is vital for controlling the function of kidney in qi distribution. Since women are considered as yin in nature and sexual activity is the opposite. Frequently sexual activity drains the kidney jing and the yang in the body, leading to kidney jing and yang deficiency and the fall of BBT temperature.
5. Aging
Aging is a biological process that we can not stop. Although women is considered as dominate with yang subordinate, aging can cause depletion of yang qi slowly.

III. Treatments
1. Herbs
a) Lu rong (Deer Antler)
Lu rong works well in the liver and kidney channel by tonifying kidney and strengthening yang.

b) Du Zhong (eucommia bark)
Du Zhong is also a liver and kidney channel tonic herb, it helps to tonify liver and kidney, promote smooth flow of kidney qi and blood circulation to the entire body and reduce fluid accumulated in the body, thus enhancing yang.

c) Ba Ji Tian (Morinda Root)
It has been used to tonify kidney, strengthen yang, promote urinary secretion and expel cold.

d) Rou Chong Rong (Broomrape stem)
Rou Chong Rong used in traditional Chinese medicine for strengthen kidney yang by reducing the blockage of kidney-large intestine meridian, thus decreasing the risk of constipation caused by kidney yang deficiency.

2. Acupuncture
Suggested acupuncture points
GV4 (Mingmen), CV4 (Guanyang), CV6 (Qihai), KD3 (Taixi), KD7 (Fuliu) and UB 52(shizhi)

3. Foods
1. Leek
2. Onion
3. Nuts and seeds
4. Lobster
5. Chicken and lamb
6. Warm and hot foods
7. Etc.
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