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Overcome Female Infertility -- Prolactin Medicine

conventional medicine plays an important role and most of the time is the first treatment for a couple who for what ever reason cam not conceive after 1 year of unprotected sexual intercourse or can not carry the pregnancy to full term. With the advance of medical technology, conventional medicine has proven record in treating infertility but with some side effects. In this article, we will discuss prolaction medicine : definition, effects, side effects and risk of conventional medication in treating hormone imbalance.

1. Definition
Prolactin medicine is a synthesis prolactin hormone which inhibits the levels of prolaction hormone in the body. High levels of prolaction may interfere with ovulation leading to infertility.

2. How progesterone supplement effects infertile women
If the levels of prolactin hormone is high, which causes abnormal function of pituitary gland in thinking the women is in pregnancy state, leading to low levels of FSH and LH.
a) Restore normal function of FSH production
By inhibiting the levels of prolactin in the body, the medication helps to restore the normal function of pituitary gland in production of FSH, leading to ovulation and follicle production from the ovaries.
b) Restore the normal function of LH production
Since the levels of prolaction is dropped to normal levels, the process of hormone production by the pituitary gland is not disrupted. After eggs have been produced, the pituitary gland switch to to the production of LH, leading to mature egg being extruded into Fallopian tube for fertilization.

3. Side effects
a) Low blood pressure
b) Nervous tension includes insomnia and dizziness.

4. Risk
a) Breast cancer
b) Stomach ulcers or bleeding from the stomach
c) Fibroids
d) The possibility of a tumour

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