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Menstrual Disorders - Irregular Period Caused By Imbalance of Liver and Treatments In TCM Perspective

All women are experience irregular period sometimes during their child bearing years, before menopause. While Western medication has never viewed that irregular menstruation is a problem of women reproductive system, traditional Chinese medicine looks at this problem seriously, if untreated, it will disharmonize the women ecosystem, leading to nervous tension and other health problems, including infertility. Imbalance of liver is defined is a health condition of which liver is no longer function normally in moving blood in the blood vessels and govern smooth flow of the emotion and stress due to the affect of excessive anger or unexpressed anger, leading to liver being damaged that affects the regular menstruation and fertility.

I. Symptoms
1. Pain in the lower abdomen preceding or during menstruation
2. Weight loss
3. Diarrhea
4. Difficult menstruation
5. Scanty menstrual discharge
6. Period with dark purple color containing blood clots
7. Breast tenderness
8. Pregnancy
9. Etc.

III. Causes of Liver Imbalance
1. Heart problems
While the liver is in charge of blood formation, the heart's organ is vital to circulate the blood through thousands of channels for our body's tissues. When we move, the heart takes control, but when we are at rest the blood returns to the liver, any problem of the heart's function will interfere with the liver's function, leading to an imbalance in the liver which distorts the women's menstrual cycle.
2. Blockage of qi
If the lung cannot function normally in moving the qi through the essential channels, it will affect the storing and movement of blood, leading to blood stagnation and liver imbalance.
3. Kidney function
If the kidney cannot function properly, it may cause dryness and excess fluid in the body which causes either liver fire that exhausts the blood and injures the vessels or contraction and stagnation when it inhabits the liver channel, which leads to qi and blood stagnation.
4. Etc.

II. Treatments
A. With Herbs
1. Angelica (Dong quai)
Angelica is a queen herb for women reproductive tonic, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine in treating all women productive disorder, including
a) Increasing the liver in blood formation
b) Reducing liver blood stagnation caused over production of certain hormones
c) Releasing the qi stagnation including pre menstrual syndrome.
d) Phytoestrogen
The plant types weak estrogen helps to occupy the estrogen receptor sites, thus improving the liver function in regulating the prostaglandins hormones resulting in lessening the menstrual cramps and pain.

2. Fennel seed ( xiao hu xiang)
Fennel seed besides help to release the stagnation caused by imbalance of yin yang qi in the liver, it also helps to improve the function of abdominal organ resulting in lessoning the symptoms of menstrual cramps and pain.

3. Yellow dock root
Yellow dock root is a liver tonic medicine, besides hepling to detoxify liver by removing any harmful substances accumulated in the liver, it improves the liver function in regulating the production of hormones before and after ovulation.

4. Etc.

B. With Acupuncture
Suggested points of acupuncture
1. LV 3 (Taichong)
2. LI (Hegu)
3. BL18 (Gan shu)
4. CV12 (zhongwan)

C. With Diet
1. Broccoli
2. Cauliflower
3. Cabbage
4. Beetroot
5. Apples
6. Artichoke
7. dandelion
8. Chicory
9. Honey
10. Dates
11. Fresh ginger
12. Cinnamon bark
13. Etc. Pregnancy Miracle
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