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Menstrual Disorders - Dysmenorrhea - Symptoms of Damp Heat In TCM Perspective

Girls in South East Asia have learnt in their early women life from grand mother wisdoms, that they do not engage in any activity, distorting their regular period. Menstrual disorder should be treated immediately, otherwise, it may cause wide range of women diseases, such as infertility, according to Traditional Chinese medicine.

Since damp heat moves downward and accumulated in the reproductive system according to TCM, it causes the below symptoms
B. D.1. Lower abdomen pain
Lower abdominal pain may be caused by liver function in blood formation and spleen in transporting the blood to the abnormal region, since damp heat accumulated in the lower abdominal region, it causes abnormal function of spleen, leading to blood stagnation in the abdomen cramps and pain

B.D.2 Joint Pain
As the damp heat moving downward to the abdominal region, it causes the breaking off of small veins in the joint of leg, leading to blood leaking resulting in increasing the risk of swelling and pain.

B.D.3. Menstrual discharge with dark red with clots
Menstrual discharge with dark red with clots is caused by liver qi and blood stagnation and inability of spleen in fluid metabolism.

B.D.4. Slippery rapid pulse.
Slippery rapid pulse is generated by abnormal spleen function in water metabolism caused by resistance of fluid and heat in the in the blood.

B.D.5. Red tongue
Since kidney is responsible in regulating the fluid metabolism, eating hot and spicy food may cause kidney yin deficiency, leading to distorting the kidney function in moistening and lowering the fluids levels in the body, resulting in red tongue.

B.D.6. Dark urine
Since spleen is important in transporting fluid in the body, heat causes abnormal function of spleen, thus decreasing the function of kidney in urinary secretion, leading to dark urine.

Damp heat sometimes is caused by infection or inflammation of the reproductive organ as a result of sexual transmitting diseases.
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