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Menstrual Disorders - Dysmenorrhea - Symptoms Of Dampness Wind Pattern In TCM perspective

Young women in South East Asia have learned in their early life from their grandmother's wisdom that they do not engage in any activity that distorts their menstrual cycle. Menstruation disorder should be treated immediately, otherwise it may cause a wide range of reproductive diseases, including infertility. Wind is defined as a condition of qi obstruction in the body, it has a tendency to move upward attacking the upper body organs, but sometimes due to dampness, it moves downward to attack the joints and abdomen. Dampness is a result of the inability of the kidney in fluid distribution.

Symptoms of damp wind pattern include:
1. Abdominal cramps and pain, a few days before or during menstruation
As the yang phase comes to an end, yang drops to support the shedding of the uterine lining, if pregnancy does not occur. Rebellion wind moves downward and dampness cools the uterus, leading to an abnormal contraction of uterus muscles, causing menstrual cramps and pain.
2. Menstrual flow scanty in amount
If the wind moves the qi upward, it effects the liver in blood formation, leading to blood blockage in some organs other than the reproductive system, resulting in scanty menstrual flow.
3. Period with dark color and clots
Since the uterus is cooler than normal as a result of the plummet of yang qi in preparing for the shedding of the uterus lining, the accumulation of dampness in the reproductive organs caused by kidney yang deficiency generates damp heat, leading to period with dark color and clots.
4. Pale tongue with white and greasy fur
Pale tongue is normally viewed as a yang deficiency. In this case, as the level of yang drops with high humility, blood circulation is distorted, leading to symptoms of pale tongue with white and greasy fur.
5. Deep and tense pulse
It is caused by a blockage of qi and blood due to insufficiency of yang, leading to slow movement of blood.

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