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Menstrual Disorders - Dysmenorrhea - Symptoms of Blood and Qi Stagnation In TCM Perspective

Girls in South East Asia have learnt in their early women life from grand mother wisdom, that they do not engage in any activity, distorting their regular period. Irregular period should be treated immediately, otherwise, it may cause wide range of women diseases, such as infertility, according to Traditional Chinese medicine.

B. A The symptoms of blood and qi stagnation include
B.A.1 Pain and tenderness in the lower abdomen before or during menstruation
In TCM point of view, pain and tenderness are caused by abnormal function of spleen in regulating the transportation of blood to the abnormal region as resulting of blood and qi stagnation. In Western point of view, they are caused by the inability of liver in essential fatty acid metabolism, leading to over production of certain hormones in the prostaglandins of family in controlling the movement of the uterus, causing pain and tenderness.

B.A.2 Hypochondrium and breast tenderness
Blood and qi stagnation in the body cause abnormal function of kidney in regulating the fluids in nourishing and moistening the reproductive organs, leading to water retention in the body, including the hypochodrium and breast tenderness. In Western point of view, it is caused by over production of prolactin hormone and abnormal lymphatic and kidney function in regulating the fluid in the body tissues.

B.A.3 Deep-purple blood with clots,
Deep-purple blood with clots is caused by blood stasis as resulting of abnormal function of kidney in moistening the uterus and the liver function in regulating the blood flow to support the menstrual flow, leading to deep-purple blood with clots during menstruation.

B.A.4 Ecchymoses on the tongue edges
Ecchymose is defined as the end of tongue is covered with many small bluish-black spots. It is caused by blood stagnation as resulting of the inability of spleen in moving blood smoothly in the body and liver abnormal function in blood formation.

wiry-choppy-strong pulse.
While there is blood and qi stagnation, blood can not move as normal, causing blood circulation
irregularity as resulting of certain meridians being blocked, leading wiry-choppy-strong pulse.
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