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Menstrual Disorders - Amenorrhea - Treatments In Herbal medicine Perspective

Amenorrhea is defined as delay or absence of menstruation in a woman reproductive years. Women who have a delay or absence of period used to think that they may be pregnant, in fact, there are many reasons of amenorrhea.
C. Herbs
1.Schisandra chinesis
Schisandra chinesis is a liver tonic. It helps to bind the conversion of estrogen to xenoestrogen, the bad estrogen that causes breast cancer, tumor and hormonal irregularity as well as absence of menstruation.

2. Angelica root
Angelica root is a woman's reproductive system enhancing herb. It has been used in Chinese medicine in treating women reproductive system diseases caused by hormone irregularity. Besides helping in production of blood after menstruation, it also helps to stimulate production of certain hormones, normalizing a woman's menstrual cycle.

3. Licorice
Licorice contains flavonoids and isoflavonoids that help to regulate the balancing of estrogen and progesterone as well as improving hormonal secretion causing absence of period.

4. Astragalus
Astragalus contains high amounts of isoflavones and polysaccharides that help to regulate the levels of estrogen and progeaterone resulting in a normal menstrual cycle.

5. Ginger
Ginger is an emmenagogues besides increasing blood flow and bringing on a late period. It also has the properties to help women reset ovulation and menstruation suppressed or delayed menstruation, and promote menstrual periods.

6. Chastetree berry
Chastetree berry is said to help bring back menstruation by balancing hormones in the body caused by low levels of progesterone and reducing levels of prolactin causing absence of menstruation.

7. Red clover
Red clover is a phytoestrogen that helps to balance the levels of estrogen and progesterone, the essential hormone for starting a menstrual cycle as well as bring on menstruation.

8. Black cohosh
Black cohosh is a powerful women enhancing herb. It is an uterine tonic belonging to the emmenagogues that helps to provoke menstrual bleeding. When menstruation is delayed, black cohosh is said to get the flow going again.

9. Motherwort
Motherwort is a perennial plant native to Europe and the temperate parts of central Asia. It is a uterine tonic that helps to regulate menstruation, reduce smooth muscle cramping such as menstrual cramps, and stimulate the uterus to bring on delayed menstruation.

10. Etc.
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