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Chronic Low back pain Prevention - the Easy Ways

Low back pain is a Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs, affecting over 80% of the population in US alone some points in their life. Chronic LBP (pain has persisted for longer than 3 months(1) prevalence in older adults was significantly higher than the 21-to-44-year age group (12.3% vs. 6.5%, p < .001). Older adults were more disabled, had longer symptom duration, and were less depressed(2)..Many older adults remain quite functional despite CLBP, and because age-related comorbidities often exist independently of pain (e.g., medical illnesses, sleep disturbance, mobility difficulty), the unique impact of CLBP is unknown. We conducted this research to identify the multidimensional factors that distinguish independent community dwelling older adults with CLBP from those that are pain-free(3).

1. Weight loss
Weight loss is associated chronic low back pain and cardiovascular risk factors, according to the study by Natural Wellness and Pain Relief Centers of Michigan(33).
2. Tai Chi
In the study to review the history, the philosophy, and the evidence for the role of Tai Chi in a few selected chronic pain conditions found that the ancient health art of Tai Chi contributes to chronic pain management in 3 major areas: adaptive exercise, mind-body interaction, and meditation. Tai Chi seems to be an effective intervention in osteoarthritis, low back pain, and fibromyalgia(34).
3. Moderate alcohol consumption and quit smoking
As alcohol dependency and smoking are the risk factor of chronic low back pain.
4. Moderate exercise
Moderate exercise are associated to reduced risk of chronic low back pain as it increases oxygenation and blood circulation in the body(35).
5. Avoid recurrent Low back injure
Recurrent Low back injure and injure which has been not treated well may come back to haunt you when you get older, according to traditional Chinese medicine.
6. Yoga 
In a seven day randomized control single blind active study in an residential Holistic Health Centre in Bangalore, India, assigned 80 patients (37 female, 43 male) with CLBP to yoga and physical exercise groups, showed that Seven days intensive residential Yoga program reduces pain, anxiety, and depression, and improves spinal mobility in patients with CLBP more effectively than physiotherapy exercises(36).
7. Healthy diet including calcium and vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis causes of chronic low back pain.
8. Etc.
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Red flags*
Recent significant trauma, Milder trauma if age is greater than 50 years, Unexplained weight loss, Unexplained fever, Immunosuppression, Previous or current cancer, Intravenous drug use, Osteoporosis, Chronic corticosteroid use, Age greater than 70 years, Focal neurological deficit, Duration greater than 6 week(a)
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