Friday, 22 November 2013

Heart Diseases- Dairy Products: Friend Or Foe?

Approximately 60 million Americans have heart disease. It is caused by uncontrolled diets high in saturated and trans fat resulting in arteries being clogged up by bad cholesterol LDL and the inner lining of blood vessels being damaged impeding the transportation of oxygen and nutrition to the heart. There are many opinions about pros and cons of dairy products in our diet. Would it also be the cause of cholesterol building up in the arteries, high blood pressure and heart diseases? In this article, we will discuss dairy products: friend or foe?

Diary products which contain lactose are products made from milk including cheese, yogurt, and butter that have been part of the human diet for years. They play an important role in a healthy diet, both for nutritional value and personal enjoyment but also contains elements that can cause cholesterol to build up in the arteries and high blood pressure resulting in heart diseases.
Study shows that milk drinkers are no more likely to die of a heart disease than non milk drinkers. In fact drinking less than 4 cups of milk a day actually lessens the chance of dying of any cause.
Since milk contains high saturated fat, by selecting skim or low fat milk it not only helps to lessen the chance of heart attack but also benefits from the nutritional supplements and minerals
contained in milk.
Other dairy products that we would like to mention here are eggs. Eggs get a bad name for high cholesterol content. Study shows that eating one egg a day does not increase the risk of heart attack or stroke, unless you are diabetic. Eggs contain high amounts of B vitamins, vitamin A, D, and E that are vital for a healthy heart.
Besides milk and eggs, there are other dairy products such as cheese and butter. Statistics show that North Americans eat nearly 3 times more cheese than they did 30 years ago. Cheese contains high amounts of calcium but also high amounts in saturated fat which is the main cause of cholesterol build up in the arteries, and high blood pressure resulting in heart diseases and stroke. In fact if you can cut the amount of cheese and butter consumed daily by half and replace them with low fat cheese you will limit your risk of heart attack. For best protection, be sure to limit your cheese intake to less than 2 ounces a week.
By all means, choosing low fat and limiting your daily intake of dairy products will not only limit the risk of heart disease but also help your body to absorb the needed nutrition as result of better health.

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