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Diseases associated with tension types of headache

 Tension-Type Headaches
 is the most common type of primary headache and accounted for nearly 90% of all headaches as a result of muscle tightening in the back of the neck or other muscle groups in the body. Some researchers suggested that active trigger points TrPs within the suboccipital, upper trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, temporalis, superior oblique and lateral rectus muscles have been associated with chronic and episodic tension-type headache forms(1).
Diseases associated with tension types of headache
1. Coeliac disease
In the study of 86 patients of headache in children and adolescents with coeliac disease, and any possible relation between these conditions, 18 cases (20.9%) headache was of tension type and in 16 (18.6%) of migraine type(3)

2. Menière's disease
In the observation of High prevalence of systemic autoimmune diseases in patients with Menière's disease, Systemic Menière's disease were more frequently observed in patients with MD and diagnostic criteria for migraine than cases with MD and tension-type headache (p = 0.007)(7)

3. Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy
Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JME) compare with the general population revealing a significantly higher prevalence of migraine (RR 4.4), MO (3.6), MA (7.3) and TTH (3.4) (10)

4. Tinnitus
A report from review during the five years running from December 1993 to January 1998, 112 patients who had come to our University Clinic suffering from headache were examined,  71 complain of tinnitus during headache were recruited for the study: 19 patients suffered from migraine without aura, 8 migraine with aura, 15 tension headache, 21 mixed headache, 3 basic migraine and 5 cluster headache(11)

5. Etc.

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