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Diet To Conceive (Fertility Diet) - What IsTrans Fat?

Fertility is a natural process to insure the survival of human species. Through natural selection, we produce many offspring when the reproductive system works at it's peak in the suitable environment with plenty foods around. On the other hand, the reductive system may completely shut down or work at it;s minimum state and we produce less offspring, when the environment is hostile including less foods around, war, epidemic, etc. But regardless any situation. most women are capable to conceive sometimes before menopause.
G. What Is Trans Fat? In Macro Nutrients
I try to find the good of trans fat, unfortunately there are none. By adding hydrogen to the vegetable oils and eliminating some double bond in their chemical structures, making the oils solid at room temperature. Trans fats raise bad cholesterol (LDL) and lower the good cholesterol (HDL) and it can be found everywhere, including margarines, fast foods, vegetable shortening, baked foods, packaged foods and frozen foods.

1. Heart diseases and stroke
Since it raises the bad cholesterol in the blood stream, it causes cholesterol building up in the blood and plaguing the arterial wall, leading to blocking the circulatory process in providing oxygen and nutrients and breaking off of the capillaries, causing high blood pressure and abnormal swelling. In some sever cases, it causes heart diseases and stroke.

2. Liver
Trans fat decreases the function of an important enzyme (delta 6 desaturase) in converting the essential fatty acid to arachidonic acid and prostaglandins, leading to abnormal function of liver in fat and protein metabolism, causing menstrual cramps and pains and interfering with the uterus in preparation of fertility.

3. Pancreas
Since it lowers the function of liver in blood transformation, thus decreasing the pancreas function in production of insulin and providing energy to our body, leading to the risk of blood sugar fluctuation and nervous tension, causing diabetes and increasing the risk of menstrual symptoms, such as fatigue, stress, loss of energy and tiredness.

Ironically, for what ever reason, some countries such as Denmark can ban trans fat all together and others limited it to 0.2 per serving.
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