Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Diabetes--What is the Healthy Weight

Since Type II diabetes are caused by unhealthy diet that are high in saturated fat, most diabetics are overweight and obese, therefore weight loss becomes an important factor with even a few pounds being significant. Losing 20- 30 pounds in 3-4 months will improve health of diabetics remarkably, because the glucose in the bloodstream will drop and the cholesterol and triglycerides will go down.
The improvement of all the above will give diabetics more energy and better health.
But what is the ideal weight for diabetics?
Here is an easy way for diabetics to guess a good target weight by using this simple formula:
weight when you were age 20 X 1.2= target weight

In order to achieve the target diabetics usually follow some kind of diet program that we have discussed in many articles. In this article, we will try to approach this subject differently.
1. Eat less food
* Use a small plate instead of the large dinner plate. This makes it look like you are getting more
*Eat small servings.
*Eat low calorie soup before meal.
* Eat small portions of fruits or vegetables before you have a meal or snack.
2. Eat less fat
* trim the fat of meat.
*do not eat fried foods.
*Use little oil when you cook.
*Take off the skin of chicken.
3. Eat regular meals
Eat your meals at the same time everyday, do not skip any meals. Skipping meals will only make you hungrier and eat more at the next meal.
4. Try to eat different colors of fruits and vegetables for your meal, because different colors of fruits and vegetables contain many different kinds of vitamins and minerals.
5. Eat fewer sweets and desserts.
6. Exercise:
Exercise everyday will help to increase your physical activity as well as reducing body weight.
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