Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Cold and Flu and Nutritional Supplements

Influenza is no minor illness. If you are senior or have a serious heart and lung disease, you are at the greatest risk for coming down with a dangerous case of flu because your immune system might not be strong enough to fend off the infection.
Here are some nutrients that have proven record of preventing cold and flu. Keep these nutrients in mind when the cold and flu season comes.

1. Vitamin C
This nutrient strengthens the immune system, accelerating its ability to combat harmful substances. Bowel tolerance doses can be taken orally and more can be taken with out this effect when administered intravenously.

2. Bioflavonoids
Working together with vitamin C, Bioflavonoids assists in the management of cold and flu by reducing the severity and duration of symptoms, helping to maintain and strengthen capillary and connective tissues. It also has an effectiveness of relieving varicose and surface veins.

This adrenal hormone offers immune enhancing qualities and helps fight viruses.

Zinc plays an important role in preventing and treating cold and flu. It is required by the thymus gland that is a major link in the immune system, helping to produce highly differentiated and educated cells that can fight off the onslaught of new bacteria and viruses.

5. Shark liver oil
Seagate shark liver oil has one of the highest natural levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in the world. Deficiencies in these fatty acids have been noticed in studies involving people having nervous disorders. Shark liver oil also helps in boosting the production of virus fighting cytokines and alkylglycerols make shark liver oil the natural fighter of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal forces.

Melatonin has the ability to trigger T-helper-cell production. T-helper-cells are necessary for the immune system in recognizing cancer cells, viruses, bacteria and fungi.

There are many more nutritional Supplements which have a power in strengthening your immune system, helping to fend of cold and flu such as medical mushroom, gamma- Linoleic acid, and etc.

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