Friday, 22 November 2013

Acne and Natural Remedies(2)

Internal causes of acne--Acne Care with Natural Remedies
In part I, we have discussed the external cause of acne. In this article, we will provide the reader with information on how to prevent and care for acne caused by excessive amounts of germs existing in a person's system. Since the liver and kidney work to cleanse the system of toxins are unable to remove all germs completely, the extra burden is placed on the skin to remove them. This is the main cause of acne.
1. Diet:
In order to reduce the toxins in the body and prevent acne in the first place, everyday diet becomes one important factor. The Carb Rotation Diet (this is a diet in which you change the amount of daily carbohydrates calories that you consume from one day to the next and also change the type of food that you eat),and the Mediterranean diet (it follows a dietary pattern in which exercise, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, fish and olive oil are the main ingredients.) would help to reduce the intake of toxins in your body therefore without giving the liver and kidney extra burden to cleanse the system of toxins.
2. Green Foods:
Green foods contain amino acids, plus vitamin A , E, beta-carotene, and other important vitamins and minerals such as wheat-grass, broccoli, and water algae that helps to purify your blood thus helping liver and kidney to clean the body of toxins that can trigger acne.
3. Red Tea:
Red tea has some powerful natural antioxidants and enzymes that help in renewed skin health following the removal of dead skin cells. Also flavonoids in red tea help in treating assorted skin and circulatory problems. In general, drinking red tea would help in keeping skin healthy and removes the chance of acne.
4. Natural Remedies:
a) Silymarin in milk thistle improves the function of the liver, protecting the liver from damage caused by viruses, toxins, and alcohol.
b) The kidneys are stimulated by the dandelion and at the same time it enables the rapid removal of toxins through the urine produced.
c)Garlic and onion
Garlic and onion For blood fortifier. Raw garlic and onion are said to do a super job of blood fortifying. These two super-foods also have the power in helping liver and kidney to cleanse the system of toxins. Since the liver and kidney are able to remove all toxins completely from the body, there is no burden for the skin. That means you get healthy skin with no acne.
d) Water and Juice:
Be sure to drink a combined of at least 8 ounces of water and juice each day to help the kidney to remove toxins through urine produced. Without enough liquids, high concentrations of crystal in the urine will cause the formation of kidney stones.

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