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Beta-Sitosterol Inhibits the Melanoma Brain Metastasis

By Kyle J. Norton

Cancer is a class of diseases associated with irregular cell growth on the tissue of the specific organ.

Most cases of invasive cancer can spread to other organs in the body via lymph or blood.

According to the statistics provided by the Cancer Institue, between n 2011–2015, the number of new cases of cancer is 439.2 per 100,000 men and women per year (based on 2011–2015 cases).

The number of cancer deaths (cancer mortality) is 163.5 per 100,000 men and women per year.

Under normal circumstances, cell growth is a natural process without even notice, every day millions of cells grow to replace millions of dead cells and to keep our body in balance and healthy.

Melanoma is a kind of skin cancer but less common to other skin cancer as a result of malignancy of melanocytes, which is the cell produced dark pigment for your skin. 

Approximately 120,000 new cases of melanoma in the US are diagnosed in a year. Melanoma tends to spread along the skin in most of the cases, but also can grow down to the deeper layers of the skin. At the later stage, it can spread to distant parts of the body, including organs.

Melanoma brain metastasis is secondary cancer in the brain that causes by the spreading of melanoma.

Approximately, 20% of patients are found to have brain metastasis at the time of diagnosis of metastatic melanoma, and more than 50% develop brain metastasis during the course of the disease.

Brain metastases are a frequent and often deadly problem in patients with advanced melanoma. According to the statistics, patients with melanoma brain metastasis have an average survival of only 4 months.

Beta-Sitosterol is a phytochemical in the class of Phytosterols, belongings to the group of Lipids, found abundantly in avocados, rice bran, wheat germ, corn oils, fennel, peanuts, soybeans, hawthorn, basil, buckwheat. etc.

On finding a potential phytochemical for the prevention of cancer spreading, researchers elucidated the effects of β-sitosterol, a well-tolerated and brain-penetrable phytosterol on BRAF-mutant melanoma brain metastases.

According to the results of the differentiation,
* β-sitosterol attenuates melanoma cell growth in vitro and also inhibits brain metastasis formation in vivo.

* The efficacy of β-sitosterol was linked to mitochondrial interference.

* β-sitosterol effectively reduced mitochondrial respiratory capacity, mediated by an inhibition of mitochondrial complex I associated with the levels of oxidative stress that induce apoptosis in tumor cells.

* More importantly, on the large-scale analyses of human melanoma brain metastases, Beta-Sitosterol played a significant role in mitochondrial complex I compared to brain metastases from other cancers.

* The combination of vemurafenib with either β-sitosterol or a functional knockdown of mitochondrial complex I completely abrogated BRAF inhibitor resistance.

Based on the findings, researchers said, "β-sitosterol represents a promising adjuvant to BRAF inhibitor therapy in patients with or at risk for, melanoma brain metastases".

Beta-Sitosterol may be considered a remedy in a BRAF inhibitor therapy in patients with, or at risk for, melanoma brain metastases, pending to the confirmation of the larger sample size and multicenter human study.
Intake of beta-Sitosterol in the form of supplements should be taken with extreme care to prevent overdose acute liver toxicity.

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