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*Kidney Bean's Bioactive Compound Which Programs Death of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Biomedical Literature Reveal

Kyle J. Norton, Master of Nutrition

Kidney bean may process potential and strong effects in inhibited the-human immunodeficiency virus (anti-HIV), that causes HIV infection, the recent joint study suggested.

Kidney bean is popular food, with kidney shape, strong flavor and color in reddish brown in nature, used often as an excellent dietary selection because of enormous health benefits with a good source of protein and minerals.

Human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) is the viral cause of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome overtime, if infected.

People who are HIV carrier may experience initial symptoms of fever, rashes, swollen lymph nodes, and fatigue that may last a few days to several weeks.

However, many infected people remain well for more than a decade until the HIV starts to destroy certain types of white blood cells, causing weakening immune defenses against infections and cancers.

HIV in most cases, spreads through unprotected sex with an infected person. The virus also spread by contact with the blood of an infected person such as sharing drug needles.Importantly,

Women can transmit the virus to their babies during pregnancy or childbirth.

Some researchers in concerns of HIV resistance suggested that the wide spread of Human-Immunodeficiency Viruses that resist AIDS medicines may be caused by primarily transmitted of people who are not actually undergoing treatment.

Conventional medication used to treatment HIV may be effective for infected individual to live longer, but long term intake can facilitate gastrointestinal discomforts such as upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, headache fever,.... and muscle pain. However, long term use of such medication can cause serious side effects, including kidney and liver damage, heart disease, diabetes,.... and osteoporosis.

According to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lectins, class of sugar-binding proteins found abundantly in all beans, including kidney bean exhibited anti viral effect against the HIV-1-RT activity, in animal and human ABO blood types models(1).

In the study to investigate variety of antifungal proteins isolated from seeds of leguminous plants such as red kidney bean for their ability to inhibit human immunodeficiency virus, researchers found that nearly all leguminous antifungal proteins examined have a strong inhibition of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase, protease and integrase to some extent.

Dr. Ng TB, the lead author in the study of inhibitory effects of antifungal proteins on human immunodeficiency virus type 1 said, "(Kidney beanexert the) ability to inhibit human immunodeficiency virustype I (HIV-1) reverse transcriptase(, an enzyme regulated the formation of RNA from a DNA), protease(an enzyme that breaks down proteins and peptides) and integrase (produced by HIV vieus), enzymes essential to the life cycle of HIV-1"(2).

These results  indicated that lectin inhibited virus HIV-1 through cells cycle arrest by breaking down substance for the virus to spread and multiply and restored the original healthy DNA that was alternated by infectious virus.

Further data collection on large example size and multi centers studies performed with human consumption of the whole food's bioactive compound lectins during the course of infection will be necessary to complete the picture of kidney bean lectin anti HIV possibilities.

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(1) A lectin with anti-HIV-1 reverse transcriptase, antitumor, and nitric oxide inducing activities from seeds of Phaseolus vulgaris cv. extralong autumn purple bean by Fang EF1, Lin P, Wong JH, Tsao SW, Ng TB.(PubMed)
(2) Inhibitory effects of antifungal proteins on human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase, protease and integrase by Ng TB1, Au TK, Lam TL, Ye XY, Wan DC.(PubMed)

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