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The holistic Prevention, Management and Treatment of Dementia - Phytochemical Silymarin

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Dementia is defined as neuro degeneration syndrome among elder, affecting memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculation, learning capacity, language, and judgement over 47 millions
of worldwide population, mostly in the West. The evaluation of the syndrome by holistic medicine has been lacking, especially through conventional medicine research and studies.

                 Phytochemicals Against Dementia- Silymarin

Phytochemicals, the non nutritional parts are natural chemical constituents in plants to protect against diseases and to form color as well as other organoleptic properties. Study of Phytochemicals have emerged as a potential source to find a better treatment or cure some diseases with little or side effects or to create a synthetic equivalence for commercial profits.

Silymarin is a phytochemical in the class of Lignans (phytoestrogens), found abundantly in artichokes, milk thistle, etc.
1. Antioxidants
Silymarin showed to exert the powerful antioxidant activity into protection of cells against arsenical cytotoxicity(399), via reduced lipid hydroperoxide (LHP) formation with no RNS induction and hepoprotective(400)(401) in ntitubercular and alcohol-induced hepatotoxicity assays in rats(400)

2. Neuroprotective effect
In impaired cognitive and neurochemical function of diabetic patients and streptozotocin induced diabetic rodents, silibinin promoted DNA protection and reduced oxidative stress in a brain specific area, in part via the activation of the HO system(402); In mouse mode with Parkinson's disease(404), treatment of the phytochemical attenuated dopamine levels induced neuro cells damage causes of apoptosis(403) via reduced brain myeloperoxidase activity associated with AD risk(405) and inflammatory signalling cells(404).
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