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(Preview)Most common diseases of 50 plus - Diseases of Central Nervous system(CNS): Dementia - Herbal Treatments of Dementia: Ginkgo Biloba(bai Guo)

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By Kyle J. Norton Health article writer and researcher; Over 10.000 articles and research papers have been written and published on line, including world wide health, ezine articles, article base, healthblogs, selfgrowth, best before it's news, the karate GB daily, etc.,.
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         Diseases of Central Nervous system


About 5-8% of all people over the age of 65 have some form of dementia, and this number doubles every five years above that age. Dementia is the loss of mental ability, severe enough to interfere with people's every life and Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia in aging people.

V. Treatments
A. In herbal medicine perspective
1. Ginkgo Biloba(bai Guo)
Ginkgo biloba is oldest living tree species, genus Ginkgo, belonging to the family Ginkgoaceae, native to China, from temperate zone to subtropical zone and some parts of north America(592). The herb been used in traditional herbal medicine in treating impotence, memory loss, respiratory diseases, circulatory disorders and deafness as well as preventing drunkenness, and bedwetting(591).
a. The memory enhancing effects
Capsules containing 60 mg of a standardised extract of Ginkgo biloba (GK501) and 100 mg of a standardised extract of Panax ginseng (G115) significantly improved an Index of Memory Quality(593), including learning and memory  but not working and long-term memory(596). Its extract, in the logical memory test and nonsense picture recognition  exhibits improvement of 58.62% logical memory in compared to baseline(594). Comercial extract Ginkgo biloba EGb 761 enhanced certain neuropsychological/memory processes of cognitively in older adults, 60 years of age and over(595).

b. Cognitive performance 
Administration of single doses (120, 240, 360 mg) of standardised Ginkgo biloba extract (GBE), according to Northumbria University, showed to improve cognitive performance, including speed of attention, accuracy of attention, secondary memory, working memory, speed of memory, quality of memory(597). Combination of standardised extracts of Ginkgo biloba (GK501, Pharmaton SA) and Ginseng (G115, Pharmaton SA) administration showed a  consistent effect on mood and aspects of cognitive performance ("quality of memory", "secondary memory", "working memory", "speed of memory", "quality of attention" and "speed of attention") in doses depend-manner(598). On acute cognitive effects, Ginkgo biloba extract (GBE) with soy-derived phospholipids, improved secondary memory performance and significantly increased speed of memory task performance in comparision to post-dose testing sessions(599).

c. Cognitive impairment
Extracts of the leaves of Ginkgo biloba showed to improve a range of conditions including memory and concentration problems, confusion, depression, anxiety, dizziness, tinnitus and headache, recognition, regeneration, understanding, and recitation(603), probably thought its action in increasing blood supply by dilating blood vessels, reducing blood viscosity, modification of neurotransmitter systems, and reducing the density of oxygen free radicals(600). 
EGb761, a commercuial product of Ginkgo biloba at 240 mg/day, stabilized or slow declined in cognition, function, behavior, at 22-26 weeks (602).
According to University of Oxford, the use of Ginkgo biloba treatment of cognitive impairment appeared to be safe with no excess side effects, but with inconsistent results(601).

d. Etc.

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Reprinted from Norton Journal, Volume I, Most Common Diseases of Ages of 50 Plus - Chapter of Diseases of Central Nervous system(CNS): Dementia - Treatments by Kyle J. Norton

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