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Herbal Butcher's broom, the Functional Remedy for the Treatment of Varicose Veins, with No Side Effects

By Kyle J. Norton

Scientists may have a natural herb for the treatment of varicose vein without inducing any side effects, some studies found.

The varicose veins are conditions characterized by the enlarged and twisted veins caused by blood flowing backward, most commonly found in the leg.

The causes of varicose vein in most cases are associated with the weak or damaged valves in the veins which prevent blood from flowing backward.

Third to the arteries and capillaries delivering oxygen-rich blood to your body, veins return the blood to the heart and lungs to be oxygenated,

In some cases, the presence of varicose veins may be an indication of other health issues, including heart disease.

Some researchers at the University of Tampere found that people with varicose veins are associated to a higher risk of congestive heart failure than those without, the odds ratio for the disease onset is 2.9% compared to 1.9 of those without.

After adjustment to the body mass index, arterial disease and hypertension; multi-adjusted indicine odd ration (IOR) for the incidence of CHF by varicose veins was 2.1.

Other risk factors may accelerate the onset of varicose veins, including genetic preposition, gender, occupation involved long-term standing and sitting, the increase in age and people who are overweight and obese.

In the study to compare the genetic preposition of patients with Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and those without, researchers at the Duke University School of Medicine, showed that
* Relative gene expression profiles analyzed by the study significantly differed between patients with CVI and patients unaffected by CVI.

* Regulatory genes of mediators of the inflammatory reaction and collagen production were up-regulated and down-regulated, respectively in CVI patients, compared to those without.

* Some unanalyzed relative gene expression of multiple genes were significantly different in CVI patients compared to those without, according to the DNA microarray analysis.

These results suggested that people who carry these genes are more likely associated with the substantial risk of varicose veins compared to people who do not.

Butcher's broom is a low evergreen shrub, a species of Ruscus aculeatus, belonging to the family Asparagaceae, native to Eurasia.

The medical plant has been used in herbal medicine to treat reduce inflammation, Peripheral vascular disease, Hemorrhoids Bronchial asthma, Varicose veins, Hypotension, Jaundice, functional disorders of the heart, kidney disorder, venotonic and anti-oedematous properties, etc..

The chemical ingredients of Butcher's broom include rutin, sitosterol, sparteine, spirostanol saponins, steroidal sapogenins, sterols, stigmasterol, sulfated steroidal saponins, sweet broom, tetracosanoic acid, triterpenes, triterpenes, tyramine, etc.

On finding, the natural ingredient or whole food for the treatment of varicose vein without inducing any side effects, researchers at the Thorne Research examine the effects of oral dietary supplementation and the traditional treatment of hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Application of traditional medicine such as herbal Butcher's boom exerted a strong effect in the restoration of the loss of vascular integrity associated with the pathogenesis of both hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Butcher's broom and other tested botanical plant extracts also improved microcirculation, capillary flow, and vascular tone, and to strengthen the connective tissue of the perivascular amorphous substrate.

These plant may be the alternative by preventing time-consuming, painful, and expensive complications of varicose veins and hemorrhoids induced by conventional surgery. suggested by Dr. MacKay D.

Additionally, the Mayo Clinic and Foundation experiments to evaluate the effect of an extract of Butcher's broon and to characterize pharmacologically adrenergic receptors in human varicose veins to the natural transmitter norepinephrine showed the application of Norepinephrine and Ruscus extract at the concentration-dependent inhibits the contractions in all veins.

Contractions to the extract were greater in varicose tributaries than in greater saphenous veins from varicose patients compared to the injection of Norepinephrine.

Interestingly, unlike Norepinephrine, contractions to Butcher's broom extract were not reduced by the alpha-adrenergic blocker, which is conventional medicine for the treatment of hypertension that relaxes certain muscles and helps small blood vessels remain open in control veins but were reduced by the alpha2-adrenergic blocker, an immobilizing an anesthetic drug in varicose veins.

These results strongly suggested that patients who used alpha-adrenergic blockers medicine for treatment of high blood pressure should switch to the alpha2-adrenergic blockade, before applying butcher's broom extract for the treatment of varicose veins.

Taken altogether, herbal Butcher's broom may be considered a functional herb for the treatment of varicose veins without inducing side effects.

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