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Most Common Disease of elder: The Clinical trials and Studies of Musculo-Skeletal disorders(MSDs) - Polymyalagia Arthritis (Rheumatica): The Individual herbs - Bromelain

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Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are  medical condition mostly caused by work related occupations and working environment, affecting patients’ muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves and developing over time. A community sample of 73 females and 32 males aged 85 and over underwent a standardised examination at home. Musculoskeletal pain was reported by 57% of those interviewed(1).

      Types of Musculo-Skeletal disorders in elder(2)

1. Osteoarthritis
2. Gout
3. Rheumatoid Arthritis
4. Polymalagia Arthritis
5. Cervical myleopathy and spinal canal stenosis
6. Osteoporosis
7. Low back pain
8. Fibromyalgia


                  Polymyalagia Arthritis (Rheumatica)

Polymalagia Arthritis is defined as a condition a common inflammatory rheumatic disease which causes pain, stiffness and tenderness in large muscles, including muscles shoulders and pelvic girdle as a result of the presence of a synovitis in proximal joints and periarticular structures.                                  


B.2. Herbal and Traditional Chinese medicine 
Herbal medicine from different cultures have been found effectively in reduced symptoms and treatment for patient with Polymyalagia Arthritis (Rheumatica), including
8. Bromelain
Bromelain, a group of protein digesting enzymes  found in pineapples (Ananas comosus) has been used in traditional medicine as inflammatory agent and to treat pains, strains, and muscle aches and pains and ease back pain and chronic joint pain, skin diseases, etc.(467,223). The herbal medicine may be used as valuable and safe alternative to NSAIDs in patients suffering acute and chronic Arthritis from degenerative joint diseases due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects(468,224).

According to the Rehabilitation Centre for Cardiovascular and Rheumatic Diseases, oral enzyme therapy (Phlogenzym-(PE)), has found effectively in treatment for patient with arthritis with high levels of pain due to signs of inflammation(469,225). 
Dr. Brien S and the research team in the study of the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties in patient with arthritis said that more studies and trials are necessary to trials to establish the efficacy and optimum dosage for bromelain as a safer alternative or adjunctive treatment for arthritis(470,226).

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