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Women's Health: How to Normalize Your Menstrual Cycle Naturally, US National Library of Medicine Studies Show

Chaste Tree berry may be used as a functional food in regulated production of progesterone in balancing steriod hormone in women menstrual cycle, some scientists suggested.

Chaste tree berry is a species of Vitex agnus-castus, genus Vitex, belongings to the family Lamiaceae, native to the Mediterranean region, used in herbal medicine for thousands of year as anaphrodisiac herb and considered as Queen herb in treating menstrual problems and discomforts.

Progesterone is a sex hormone with various mechanisms, including women menstrual cycle, pregnancy, embryogenesis......

According to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology-University, Vitex may have a function similar to the conventional medicine, fluoxetine, in stimulated production of increasing mid-luteal progesterone and 17β-oestradiol levels in women menstrual cycle.

In the review of data bases of 8 literature collection, Vitex extracts showed a significant effect in women's health.

In the aspect of premenstrual syndrome, the extract improve psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety,... through progesterone regulation.

Dr. Deborah Brauser, author of the article of "Progesterone, Anxiety Affect Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder" said, "As a gynecologist, I believe PMDD is driven by the female sex hormone progesterone," said Dr. Sundström Poromaa, adding that there is very little progesterone during the follicular phase".

Flavonoid glycosides, orientin and apigenin 3, 8-di-C-glycosides in addition to iridoid compound, aucubin isolated from the ethanolic extract of Vitex agnus-castus fruits, also displayed an increased production of progesterone hormone by observation of plasma progesterone of women with 0.6 and 1.2 g kg(-1) per body weight (b.w.) doses.

The study also addressed the hormone progesterone may have directed effect in increased uterine weight of ovariectomized rats in comparable to that of control group.

Dr. Jillian Stansbury, the researcher of the women herbs for men said, "Consumption of Vitex fruits by female chimpanzees as part of their natural diets has been found to dramatically increase progesterone levels in the urine, indicating an overall progesteronic effect.34 One hypothesis is that reduced LH allows follicle-stimulating hormone to dominate and can lead to decreased estrogen and testosterone and a relative increase in progesterone".

Furthermore, the contribution of the herb in improved concentration of progesterone in the luteal phase, may also increase the chance of pregnancy, as the total of 37 women with oligomenorrhea and 30 women with amenorrhea received 50 drops of Phyto Hypophyson L, a Vitex agnus castus-containing homeopathic preparation or placebo 3 times a day over 3 months or 3 cycles report.

Promisingly, intake of the Vitex agnus castus-containing homeopathic preparation expressed a spontaneous menstruation, improved concentration of progesterone in the luteal phase, shortening of the cycle, earlier ovulation, and pregnancy in 38 out of 67 women.

Taking together, chemical constituents found in Chaste tree berry expressed a strong activity in increased chance of pregnancy and normalized hormone aspects in women menstrual cycle with progesterone and other hormones regulation.

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