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Women's Health - Premenstrual syndrome(PMS): The Causes(Revised edition with references)

By Kyle J. Norton 
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 Premenstrual syndrome is defined as faulty function of the ovaries related to the women's menstrual cycle, effected over 70% to 90% of women in the US and lesser for women in Southeast Asia because of difference in living style and social structure. The syndrome also interferes women's physical and emotional states, and daily activities as a result of hormone fluctuation and occurs one to two weeks before menstruation and then declines when the period starts.

The Causes
1. Unhealthy diet(1)
Unhealthy diet with over consumption of saturated fat, trans fat, artificial, caffeine, etc and under consumption of fiber, vital vitamins and minerals promoted over production of bad estrogen(2) and weakened liver function in carbohydrate synthesis and fat and protein metabolism(3) to cause PMS.

2. digestive disorder 
Strong digestive system is important to provide vital nutrients for our body in regulating its normal function(7). Unfortunately, it is unknown that women with PMS are found to have digestive disorder(8) before menstruation

3. Vitamins and Minerals deficiency(4)
Vitamins and minerals are important for regulating the hormone production in our body, especially for women during menstrual cycle. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals causes nervous disorder(5), liver malfunction(6) and hormone imbalance(7) resulting in PMS(7).

4. Sluggish liver
For what ever reason, women with PMS are found to have a sluggish liver(9)(10) before menstruation. Since liver is vital in regulating the levels of estrogen through production of cholesterol and fat and protein metabolism(3), sluggish liver causes nervous tension(3) and hormone imbalance(6).

5. Hormonal imbalance
Over production or under production of certain hormones before menstruation as resulting of thyroid malfunction(13), pituitary gland abnormality function(12), liver inability in metabolism(6), abnormal function of adrenal gland(11) etc. cause hormonal imbalance resulting in PMS.
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