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Anti Ageing Tips(5): Clinical proven in getting rid of Acnes & Acne Scars and re smooth Your facial skin

By Kyle J. Norton
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Who doesn't want to look 5, 10,15 or 20 years younger in comparison to people with the same age group?

The dream of finding the ingredients in rejuvenated aging skin has been ongoing since human civilization. Unfortunately, many ingredients with no commercial values have been discarded due to their effects in dampening the profits of cosmetic companies.

Don't ask me about commercial anti-aging products. Most of them are produced for making profits and do not perform as theirs' claims. Truly, if one is found to be effective, it will constitute to shelf-removal of many others with the same intention. Unfortunately, walking through the cosmetic section of health stores and super markets, thousands of these products are still packed on the shelves. How effective they are? You know the answer.

Most people know acne is caused by dirt in oily skin pores, but little is known that acne is also caused by the system of toxins in the body. If our liver and kidney can not cleanse all toxins in the body, then our skin become the third source for cleansing the remainder of toxins.

The below tips have been proven through our clinical studies of over 400 subjects between age of 57 - 63. If you are in this age, you can expect the same results(a)(b)(c).

Tip Five
How to get rid of Liver or Aging spots and re smooth Your facial skin
According to Dr. GEORGE E. MORRIS, M.D., in a study of 60 patients with acne being given 8 oz of citrus juice twice daily and vitamin C, (de oxidized form) of  in 3 gm a day, after 4 months 43 showed improvement, 10 failed to show improvement and 7 did not return for follow up(1). Some articles showed that vitamin C may be effective in the reduction of the formation of acne scars through it’s anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenger activities(1), but no study of Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA ) in reduced formation of Acnes & Acne Scars has been found through searching on PubMed.

The Ingredients
A. Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA)(1)
1. The chemical reaction
Vitamin C + Water -----> Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA ) + 2e- +2H+
Chemical Structure

The equipment and Preparation
1. One bottle of synthetic vitamin C 100x 500mg tablets. You can purchase this in any pharmacy for about $5.00
2. A small bottle carries 100mL of warm tap water or still-water if desire.
3. A roll of bounty or a half hand size sponge.
4. A pair of plastic glove.

How to make Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) 4% concentration
Day one
Put 8 tablets of synthetic vitamin C into the bottle which carries 100 mL of water[(8x500mg)/100mL=4000mg/100,000mg=4/100=4% concentration ofDehydroascorbic acid (DHA)] on the day before application to make sure all vitamin C tablets are dissolved.

How to remove Acnes & Acne Scars and re smooth Your facial skin
The next day
Put on your glove. Shake the bottle well. Pour some Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA ) onto a piece of fold-twice bounty paper towels. Apply the solution 3 times a days by rubbing against the skin of the effects area with little pressure for about one minutes. Apply more solution if require. Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) 4% concentration should be able to get rid of the appearance of some acnes, prevent the re-occurrence, recover past acne scar through cell rejuvenation,  and re smooth some of the skin on the effect areas in a few days.

After applying, clean the sponge if used and glove, return and store the bottle of solution into first aid box in room temperature. Replace the solution every ten days to retain accurate concentration.

What to expect
How Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) exhibited its detoxified, antioxidant, anti inflammatory and enhanced cell regeneration effects in getting rid of  Acnes & Acne Scars and re smooth Your facial skin.
1. In the first few days of application
a. Reduced inflammation cause of Acnes on the skin to recede,
b. Prevent the occurrence of new acnes
b. Some of the effected skin area start to smooth out
c. Enhanced cell rejuvenation, Small size acne scars begin to recover

2. In a few weeks
Depending to types of skin and severity of the effected areas, and according to our clinical study
a. Up to 100% of removal of all acne (90% of test subjects achieved this result) and No re occurrence of acnes over 12 weeks of study depending to age, types of skin and severity of the effect areas, according to the study of ages between 57 - 62.
b. Recovered most mall size of acne scars (90% of test subjects achieved this result), continued recovery of large size acne scars and marks of recovered small acne scars are still visible on all tested subjects, at the 12 weeks study.
c. Smooth up to 100% of the effect areas depending to age, types of skin and severity of the effect areas, according to the study of ages between 57 - 62[approximately, 70 % (100% of moderate and 80% of severe tested-subjects) had achieved that result].
As the results, we suggested that the effectiveness of Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA) 4% concentration   in getting rid of f Acnes & Acne Scars and re smooth Your facial skin may be through its detoxified, free radical scavenging, anti inflammatory and enhanced cell regeneration activities.

Millions have been spent in our studies, we provide you this information free and do not ask for anything in return. You promise to tell everyone you know about this webpage and retweet it, so they do not waste their money on ineffective commercial products.

1. Always testing your topical skin solution, including Dehydroascorbic acid (DHA ) for allergic reaction, by applying a tiny portion onto your wrist for 5 minutes. Do not use the solution if there is allergic reaction.
2. Although there were no adverse effect in our study, please make sure you always wear gloves before applying, as higher concentration of the solution has shown to brownness on the finger nails.
3. The solution has shown to cause yellowness on the surface of some metal (very old) sinks, please make sure your test it to avoid the same messes.
4. Higher concentration of the solution has been used in skin tanning industry, please make the solution is completely absorbed(about 5- 10 minutes) into your skin before going to the extreme sun.
5. If the solution get into your eyes, use tap water to clear them.
6. Do not attempt to make higher solution and put them on your facial skin, as it has not been tested.
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