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Regular Walking Reduces Symptoms and Risk of Gout in Population of 50plus

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Regular physical activity has long been found to associate to the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic diseases, but regular walking contribution of health benefits of reduced symptoms of Gout in the younger and older elderly have been lacking, due to care givers and physicians prefer to emphasize, in most cases in reduced intake of foods with rich of purines(4).

A delphi exercise conducted by the University of Otago, suggested that both physicians and patients agreed upon several key features of gout, including severity, functional results, and idiographic perception and patterns of symptoms(1).

Dr. Stewart S and colleagues at the joint study led by the Auckland University of Technology, indicated the importance of footwear worn as walking shoes with good footwear characteristics can influence plantar pressure values and encourage a more efficient heel to toe gait pattern in people with gout(2)

The national Kidney foundation remind "some people with gout do not have high uric acid levels, so it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter the level. Do not smoke, follow a well-balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight, and exercise"(5).

In fact, according to 2008 American Society for Clinical Nutrition, the risk of gout is lower in men who are more physically active, maintain ideal body weight, and consume diets enriched in fruit and limited in meat and alcohol(3). Unfortunately, exercise, including walking during a gout attack will worsen the condition by inducing more pain and lengthening the inflammation.

“Exercises to relieve gout should be done steady and cautiously as to avoid further irritation to the joints. The best exercises for gout are range of motion types: strength training, stretching and building endurance. Yoga is an exercise that incorporates all four; however, there are other exercises that can be done individually also” According to the article of How to Exercise If You Have Gout(6).

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