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The holistic Prevention, Management and Treatment of Dementia In Herbal Medicine - Bacopa

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Dementia is defined as neuro degeneration syndrome among elder, affecting memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculation, learning capacity, language, and judgement over 47 millions
of worldwide population, mostly in the West. The evaluation of the syndrome by holistic medicine has been lacking, especially through conventional medicine research and studies.

Herbal Medicine forTreatment of Dementia -  Bacopa

Commonly known as Waterhyssop or Water Hyssop, the herb is a semi-woody plants, genus of Hyssopus, belonging to the family Lamiaceae, native to the east Mediterranean to central Asia, used in traditional medicine as an antibiotic(660)(659), carminative, antispasmodic, antifungal(661), and antiseptic(661)(662) agents and to treat bronchitis(663), asthma(664), digestive ailments(665)(668), insomnia(666), diabetes(667), edema(669)(670), etc.
a. Increases Cerebral Blood Flow
In cerebral blood flow (CBF), Bacopa monnieri's promoted blood flow through its procognitive effect in comparison via dose-dependent hypotensive actions (671). |Together with Ginkgo biloba and donepezil(671)may be a potential attenuation of dementia, Parkinson's disease, and epilepsy(672).

b. Ethnobotanical treatment
Bacopa, ethnobotanically, may be used as brain tonification(676) and to treat various diseases(673), including Alzheimer's disease
through its phytochemicals in alleviation of AD pathology and associated symptoms(674). According to university System HSC College of Medicine, Bacopa monniera extract (BME), administered starting at 2 months of age for either 2 or 8 months on test mice, significant lowered Abeta 1-40 and 1-42 levels in cortex by as much as 60%, and reverses Y-maze performance and open field hyperlocomotion behavioral changes(675). Its natural products (galantamine and rivastigmine), also has been used pharmaceutically for cognitive and behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD)(673).

c. Cognitive performance, anxiety, and depression
In olfactory bulbectomized mice, alcoholic extract of Bacopa monnieri(L.) showed to ameliorate memory and emotional deficits(678) and enhanced cognitive performance(679) through its protection of cholinergic systems from OBX-induced neuronal damage(677). In normal healthy participants, the herb also attenuated stress reactivity and mood, through its adaptogenic and nootropic effects, probably via reduction in cortisol levels(680). According to National College of Natural Medicine, standardized dry extract of Bacopamonnieri, promoted the improvement depression scores, combined state plus trait anxiety scores,with few adverse events, primarily stomach(681)

6. Other potential herbs
Herbs used in the treatment and prevention of dementia(682)(683) in traditional medicine, may be due to their effectiveness of phytochemicals in attenuation of oxidative stress and neuro inflammation via neuroglial activation(683).
According to University of Wollongong, herbs and spices, containing high amount of phytochemicals in traditional history of use, with strong roles in cultural heritage, may have a distinguished effect in cognitive decline associated with ageing and the acute effects of psychological and cognitive function(684), probably through active ingredients of spices in modulation of neural response in the peripheral nervous system, via interaction with TRP channel/receptors(685).

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