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Antioxidants: Colorectal Cancer - The Symptoms and Risk Factors

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                      Common antioxidants (scavengers)

The expression of added to a mixture in order to remove or de-activate impurities and unwanted oxygen in the cellular level for reduced risk of oxidative stress defence in plants and animals.

                         Cancer: Colorectal Cancers

Cancer is a class of diseases in which a group of abnormal growth of cells have become progressively worse as it intrudes upon and destroys adjacent tissues, sometimes spreads to other organs in the body via lymph or blood and results in death of the host.

Colorectal cancers is the second most common of the visceral cancer and defined as cancers in the digestive system that involve part of the large intestine (colon) and the last several inches of the colon. It starts as a benign noncancerous adenomatous polyps. As of progress through its stages, it can be cancerous.

               The Symptoms and Risk Factors

1. Symptoms
The symptoms are always seen in abnormal bowel habits as changing in the consistency of stool for more than a couple of weeks as well as bleeding and blood in the stool.

2. Risk factors
a. Heredity
Heredity although is not common, but you are high risk to have colorectal cancer if your parent or your sibling had it.
b. Overweight
Study showed that people who are 40% overweight above the average have a 35% high risk to develop colorectal cancer.
c. Aging
Colorectal cancer increases the risk with age of over 50. It may be caused by declining function of digestive system in digestive food properly that put pressure to the large intestine.
d. Gender
Would it be true that men are likely to develop colorectal cancer than women?
e. Diet
Diets high in saturated and trans fat have been found to cause colon cancer due to low amount of fiber which are important in assisting the digestive system in waste removal.
f. Etc.

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