Sunday, 2 February 2014

Phytochemical Allicin and hyper cholesterol

Allicin is phytochemical containing sulfur in the class of organosulfur compound, found abundantly in onion and garlic.
Cholesterol is needed for our body to build cell walls, make hormones and vitamin D, and create bile salts that help you digest fat. However too much of it can be dangerous because cholesterol cannot dissolve in your blood. The special particle called lipoprotein moves this waxy, soft substance from place to place. If you have too much low density lipoprotein LDL that is known as bad cholesterol, overtime cholesterol can build up in your arterial walls causing blockage and leading to heart attack and stroke.

The health benefits
Evidences emerging that allicin may not only benefit in preventing and treating cardiovascular disease but also lower the blood cholesterol. In the study of the effect of allicin  on hypercholesterolemia in male ICR mice, the chemical constituent of garlic showed a positive effect not only in reducing blood cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose levels, hepatic cholesterol storage, but also decreasing appetite daily. Other in the study of the same but with rat fed with high cholesterol diet, showed a reduction of blood cholesterol, triglycerides levels and systolic blood pressure in hypercholesterolemic rats. These result showed that allicin may be considered as a potent agent in treating hypercholesterol in the future.

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