Monday, 3 March 2014

Endometrial Cancer In Vitamin B2 Points of View

Kyle J. Norton

The incidence of endometrial cancer among white women are higher in comparison of black. According to the statistic, the risk of endometrial cancer among women is 1 in 7000. Every year, about 40,000 women in US are diagnosed with the disease. Women who carry certain mutation genes, such as BRCA1 or the BRCA2 are associated to increased risk of endometrial cancer..

Vitamin B2 also known as  Riboflavin, is a water-soluble, yellow-orange organic compound found abundantly in milk, meat, eggs, nuts, enriched flour, green vegetables, etc. The vitamin is essential for normal cellular growth and function and best known for converting energy from protein, fat, and carbohydrates metabolism and its antioxidant effects in oxidation-reduction reactions.

Epidemiological studies. linking dietary vitamin B2 in reduced risk of endometrial cancer have produced inconclusive results. The study of Harvard School of Public Health showed a inverse association of vitamin B2  related to the risk of endometrial cancer in a relatively small size of study(5). the co administration of  riboflavin (45 mg/kg bw/day), niacin (100 mg/kg bw/day) and ascorbic acid (200 mg/kg bw/day) along with tamoxifen (45 mg/kg bw/day), in experimental animals with endometrial cancer bearing rats, exhibited a significant decrease in the activity of glycolytic enzymes and a significant increase in the deficient activities of gluconeogenic enzymes to near normal levels, but not individually(6). Unfortunately, the study of Fu Dan University School of Public Health indicted "no significant association was observed for dietary vitamin B1 or vitamin B2 and risk of endometrial cancer", in a population-based case-control study of 1,204 newly diagnosed endometrial cancer cases and 1,212 age frequency-matched controls(7)(8). In the study of one-carbon metabolism correlated to the incidence of endometrial cancer using 26 years of follow-up data from the Nurses' Health Study, indicated a no association of endometrial cancer risk with dietary levels of folate, choline, methionine, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 or vitamin B12(9).

Taking altogether, without going into reviews, composited administration of vitamin B2  and other micro nutrients such as niacin  and ascorbic acid, but not vitamin B2 itself may be associated in reduced risk and treatment of endometrial cancer. But large example and multi-centers studies are necessary to identify their effectiveness. Over doses for a prolong period may cause symptoms of skin rashes, hypersensitivity, high blood pressure etc., please make sure you follow the guideline of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.

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